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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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there now for colorado springs police. let me read what we know. we have now learned that one officer shot by a gunman at the planned parenthood clinic has died. that's according to a police union official. the gunman was taken into custody earlier this evening. 11 people have been taken to hospitals. among them five officers. police say the shooter barricaded himself inside the facility but they were later able to convince him to surrender. let's begin. i think we are set. let's listen in. we will have lieutenant buckley speaking. this will be an informational press conference only. we will not be entertaining any questions. so now i will give it to
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lieutenant buckley with the police department. unfortunately with this tragic situation today we have to confirm that we have two civilians casualties on scene and we have the death of one police officer. the death of the officer on scene was from the university of colorado springs police department. the ucss police department and the college will release information about the officer at a later time. we have four civilians transported to local hospitals with gunshot wounds and we have other transported to hospitals with gunshot wounds. nine individuals are in good condition at this time.
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there will be an information center set up at 6 to 9. the number for that will be 7193854362. i'm going to turn it over to police chief peter carey to make a statement. i was able to spend a little bit of time at the hospitals we apologise. we're obviously experiencing some audio problems. let me know when that is cleared up. i will bring it back to daren porcher. former detective for new york police department. it's about what we feared. we were getting indications, i would say as early as the news conference an hour and a half an ago. there were several questions to the police officer on that point. there are fatalities inside the
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parenthood building. the lieutenant was vague, would not confirm anything at the time. it led us to believe that - we've got the press conference back. let's go back to it. we mourn the loss of a very brave police officer. we just wanted to make sure that everybody knows that while this was a terrible, terrible tragedy, it could have been much worse. they were able to get-- we're trying to figure it out and we apologise again. that's the mayor of colorado springs. we're having all kinds of fits and starts with our audio and we apologise for that. your thoughts now that we have one police officer killed and two civilian casualties on the
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scene there, inside the planned parenthood building. for starters, i hear a lot of praise being extended for the first responders, but i have a lot of praise that should be extended towards the individuals that managed the planned parenthood facility because a large group of the individuals that were inside of the planned parenthood facility were in what is referred to as a safe room. it is a room-- let me have you hold your thought. going back to lieutenant buckley. again, no more questions. thank you for your patience. look for information from the office it figures. the moment we get clean audio the briefing is over. you were saying you had some praise for the employees, people who were working inside the planned parenthood building. right. when you think of a facility
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such as a planned parenthood, it's safe to say nationally there has been a high number of threats against these types of facilities across the country exactly. that perform abortion-related activities. what they constructed was what was referred to as a safe room. the safe room fortifies individuals going into this room and it closes the door. they merely wait for emergency assistance to come near it to retrieve them. they may be in that room for hours sometimes, but there was a large number of the employees and patients that were in the safe room. so i thought that that was a highly proactive move from the perspective of the individuals at planned parenthood if you're one of these organizations that don't have - if you're in one of those planned parenthood facilities and you don't have a safe room,
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you better construct one now. absolutely that would be the clear message. absolutely. we look at these instances that have occurred in these abortion facilities nationally. we've had abortion doctors being killed. we had a protest as recently as august at this same facility. i guess the green light went off in someone's mind that we have to provide the proper facilities in our facility. i agree that we need to also give praise to what extent do you believe the surveillance cameras, the video that would have been everywhere, i would think, at a facility like planned parenthood might have played a role in helping the police identify where the shooter was actually in the building. we know that at one point the officers were able to make their way inside the building. if you assume for a second that there was someone with the
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colorado springs police department watching the feed, we know the officers inside yell for the shooter and that maybe the shooter yells back, responds in some way. we know that did happen and that maybe was part of the information that was relayed to the officers from the security camera to help identify where this shooter was inside the building. it's possible, correct. that's possible. they're replicating the rest of the society. video is all over. this is a case in point where it worked for the benefit of law enforce: once again, like i mentioned, planned parenthood is high on the threat level. therefore it's understandable to have this video. in essence what it did was assist law enforcement in determining the location to counter a resistance of this episode more about that tomorrow, but it seems a possible scenario
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at least that clearly the safe room was hugely beneficial absolutely and clearly the fact that there was surveillance cameras everywhere, you would think. we will learn more about that tomorrow. may have played a role in bringing this to a conclusion. going back to the site now. jim, if you would, we didn't hear much of that briefing. i trusted you heard a bit more. we did learn that two civilians were killed inside of that building and with one university of colorado university springs officer as well. i do not yes. that's correct. no ids on anybody as yet. we do not know whether the two civilians were, perhaps, punishments, visitors, nurses or doctors at the clinic. again, no idea and no idea on the police officer other than the fact that it was a university of colorado campus.
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we understand he was working today. he heard the call for mutual aid, if you will, and made his way over here to the scene and that is when he encon turret the gunman and was shot and killed. we saw big buses going by, public transportation. it said evacuation transport. those buses were filled with people. they appeared to be civilians, perhaps people that were in some nearby buildings. they may be transported, taken out of the scene itself and they're going to be going down to be possibly interviewd and processed now by the police. again, a very, very sad turn. once again, three people killed here, one police officer and two civilians just for clarity, so the officer who was killed was working for the university of
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colorado, working there at the colorado springs campus; is that correct?
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back tracked saying that syrian troops could be used to fight against i.s.i.l. france has always maintained that as add could not be involved. this was said: the syrian foreign minister had welcomed his earlier statement. >> translation: this is better late than never. if fabios is serious about fighting terror and working with forces on the ground fighting d.a.e.s.h., we welcome that. this requires a change in the attitude of france and other countries towards the syrian crisis a former ambassador to nato says the french government is under pressure to appear tough on i.s.i.l. after the paris attacks the most important problem that francois hollande has is to
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reassure the people of france that he is doing everything possible to prevent further terrorism in france after this incredible slaughter of just two weeks ago. that means making the priority going after i.s.i.s. and it's not just about foreign policy elements, it's also about the domestic because the right wing, particularly a marine leppan of the national front is working very hard to oppose the president by saying that he has been ineffective, refugees have to be kept out, et cetera. i suspect earlier today with the statement by the foreign minister that forces are syria would be welcome, was an effort to play into that and i suspect also that subsequent that there was some pressure brought to
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bear on the french government particularly by washington, maybe by london coming up later in the news hour we will have more on the aftermath of the attacks in paris. some of the plotters released in belgi belgium. one now has smaller families which is posing an issue for the catholics. breaking news. we're in the last few minutes. police have confirmed that a police officer and two other people have been killed in a shooting at a family planning center. this happened in the city of colorado springs. several people were wounded during a five-hour stand-off. police say the suspect
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surrendered and is now in custody. the motive for this attack is still not known. >> reporter: unfortunately, with this tragic situation today, we have to confirm that we have two civilian casualties on scene and we have the death of one police officer. the death of the officer on scene is from the university of colorado french president francois hollande has led a memorial for the 130 people killed in the paris attacks two weeks ago now. in a solemn speech he promised to destroy the army of fanatics behind the violence. jacky row land with more from paris >> reporter: it was a moment for national mourning and personal grieving. in this setting bereaved families and survivors came to together to remember who were killed. their names were read out
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one-by-one. standing alone, president francois hollande in the two weeks since the attacks he has sought to reaffirm french values while honoring the dead. they were mostly young people in their 20s and 30s, killed while they were out enjoying life. >> translation: i saal ute this new generation. it was stuck. it was not afraid, lucid and enter prizing. it will know greatness. it will live on in the names of the dead that we mourn today. despite the tears, this generation has now become the face of france. >> reporter: the president's words were somber but also defiant as he promised to wage a war against the attackers and those who supported them. >> translation: to all of you, i solemnly promise that france will do everything to destroy the army of fanatics who committed these crimes.
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without rest, it will protect its children. i promise you also that france will remain herself as the dead loved her, as they would have wished her to remain. >> reporter: standing with the families members of the emergency services who were on duty that night. police who hunted the killers, paramedics who treated the wounded. at least two families chose to stay away. they say the government hasn't learned the security lessons from the "charlie hebro" do attacks earlier this year and they accused it from failing to make good on its promise to keep the french people safe. across the country from windows and balconys people displayed the french flag. their way of saying that the personal loss of the families was a tragedy shared by the nation. jacky rowland returning to the breaking news that is happening in the u.s. in colorado springs where there was a shooting at the
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family planning clinic, the planned parenthood clinic. we're getting updates on how many people were killed there including a police officer. what's the latest you can tell us? >> reporter: we just spoke to some officials. they had a press conference updating the situation. three people killed here altogether, one police officer and two civilians. all of this started at around noon time today when the gunman entered the clinic you see he entered and began shooting and that is when the police officer arrived and going through the room trying to evacuate people. they were able to get a lot out of the building, but the shooter stayed inside that building for some five hours. it wasn't until 4.52 colorado
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time, five hours later, that they were able to mac contact with him. he finally surrendered. he was transported into a police car and taken away. nine other victims injured, shot and injured here. the mayor john suthers said he is now visiting some victims and families at the hospital. very, very tragic news here. one police officer killed, two civilians says one of the police officers speaking to us just a while ago, said more than 100 police officers were involved in as it unfolded throughout the afternoon and they believe the officers acted with untold valour trying to bring all of this to a resolution here what have we heard from planned parenthood today?
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>> reporter: they did issue a statement saying that they had security at this facility, as they do at all of their facilities all around the united states of america. they believe it was in place today. obviously, there was some concern about it as they were - as the gunman was allowed to get into the building at noon time or so. we're looking at some of the buses going out right now. they're the buses being used to evacuate some of the people that were in the buildings, people that were held in the buildings in a lock down situation throughout the afternoon. those people will now been taken down to police headquarters and talked to and processed. they said they had security in place and they expressed sadness about the tragedy as it unfolded here today thank you so much. a suicide bomber in nigeria has
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blown himself up in a shia procession. killing at least 21 people. it was on the outskirts of this city. a second attacker was intercepted before he could detonate his bomb. known has claimed responsibility, but boko haram has carried out similar attacks in the past. five crew members have been abducted off the nigerian coast. the liner was highjacked on thursday night. armed men are said to have boarded the vessel which was carrying 16 sailers. pope francis has condemned corruption during a visit to kenya's capital. he says poverty is a bad thing for any country. >> reporter: you would be
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forgiven for thinking this was a concert or political rally, but it was a rock star welcome for the pope. they say today was the highlight of his trip, the day he got to meet and listen to young people and the poor. he has been focussing on unity, reconciliation and family values. the message that most touched he was the importance of life. >> reporter: he gave his most political message here. he spoke up very strongly against corruption, tribalism, terrorism. he said young people are the backbone of any country and urged leaders here not to ignore the youth. he said to fight against corruption which goes hand-in-hand for economic empowerment for young people. >> translation: tribalism can destroy. it can mean having hands hidden
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behind your back and having a stone throw at others. you won't be able to have a dialogue with each other if you don't listen to each other. >> reporter: this woman who came to see the pope told us the message res onnatures with many in kenya. we're going to experience change. >> reporter: earlier the pope spent time with representatives of some the area's settlementment. he called on authorities not to ignore the needs of the poor and to make sure all sectors of the population get to live a dignified life. by the end of it all the pope had touched on many of the issues that kenyans wanted to hear, delivering a tough message in his gentle way thousands of people have welcome pope francis to uganda.
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he attended a candle lit ceremony at a shrine dedicated to christian converts who were executed in the 19th century. he delivered a speech in front of the president and mps. he made a global appeal for compassion and solidarity towards refugees. the country is one of the fastest growing populations in the world. they want to have smaller families, but for catholics that poses a dilemma. >> translation: many of the women here have recently given birth. they were referred to this family planning clinic. if they follow previous generations, on average they will each have more than six children. this woman already has eight. she has come here because she doesn't want any more. >> translation: my husband does not have a job. i have no way of earning money.
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we struggle to afford the basic needs of our children. even a place to live. >> reporter: so she and her husband have agreed she should undergo sterilisation at this clinic run by a charity. people who come to this center can get free condoms, pills or injections. the women here are waiting to go into that room for longer term solutions like implants or sterilisation procedures. about a third of women in uganda or their partners are using contraception, but the catholic church says all of these methods are wrong. pope francis is seen as progressive on many issues, but his position on contraception and that of the catholic church remains controversial. the teaching is people should only use natural methods, but failure rates are high. this man has worked in the country since the 1970s. i would say it is more complicated. it demands more attention care
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knowledge of one's health and one's body. it is much more respectful of the gift of life. >> reporter: allows always life on the streets of the capital, there's a government policy to i try slow the booming population. experts say increasing access to family planning is crucial and if that doesn't happen, they say future generations will stay trapped in poverty. for the population to be produce, they have to be healthy, skilled, they have to be sufficiently educated. if the population grows uncontrollably or in an unplanned direction then those conditions cannot be met >> reporter: she struggles to afford school fees for all her children. sterilisation was a big problem. she is one of the country's 14
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million catholics. she comes to this church in her village every week. she says her faith means a lot to her, but she has had to reject what the priests taught her about family planning. the church won't help her pay for her growing household fills and she can't afford to pay for any more mouths to feed coming up later we will hear from a young victim of sxm violence in guatemala-- sexual violence. rallies against refugees as the country sees a surge in racist attacks in poland. disrespect for the boxer, details ahead in sport. accessed within the planned
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parenthood clinic. we goet to a point now, after te incident is terminated to let the families know that their loved ones are safe. >> let me do this - part of what i'm dealing with and asking the way i'm asking the question. they had access to surveillance. >> yes.
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>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. welcome back. the top stories now. russia is applying more pressure on turkey following the sthooting down of that--
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shooting down of that russia fighting jet by turkish force. lavrov lavrov says there are issues. president erdogan has warned moscow not to play with fire. police in colorado say one police officer and two other people of been killed in a shooting at a family planning center. several people were wounded during this five-hour stand off. police say the suspects surrendered and is now in custody. french president francois hollande has led a memorial for the 130 people killed in the paris attacks two weeks ago now. he pledged to destroy what he called the army of fanatics behind the violence. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for the attacks. belgium police have charged a sixth person over the assault on paris two weeks ago. prosecutors accused the man of being part of a terrorist group. questions are


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